What is the Logotek Technology ?

Welcome to Logotek’ Privilege World. New generation technology now in our country with you. Whether it is textile company or leather sectors ( purse or bag) , Our products logo may used in different sectors. Logotek 3D Logo Technology offers you numerous surface and color combinations, Logotek's structure is flexible, because in this way your logos have unlimited freedom and take over interest to your brand.

We are using logotek 3D rigging technology that can not be capied under no circumstances.Our 3D rigging technology is protected by international patents and licences. We are able to produce higly detailed microskobic scale firm logos with the help of this technology. Your designs will have better quality and confidence perception with our logos. Logotek 3D logos lower your brand's copy risk. At the same time mean while logotek 3D logos will remove all unintended consequence like paint leakage and paint mess.

What are the Advantages ?

3D Design

Logotek manufactures all of logos in 3D with used technology.

The Finest Details

You can see down to the finest details of your logo.


Logotek produce your logos are strong enough to withstand a long time.

Easily cleanable

Our products dont decay because of contact with watter due to matter's chracteristic. Logotek products could be used without contamination for years.


You will increase your logo' recognition rate with Logotek products. You can both tap your logo' elaborate and be able to feel the power of design.

İnimitable !

Logotek is protected by International Licensing Agreements, therefore; the logos are not be imitated. In this way, the originality of the product is always guaranteed!.

Where can be Used ?

Textile Products
Badges and Logos Military and Government Agencies
Sports Clubs Badges and Logos
Uniform and Work Clothes
Stationery and Promotional Products
Logos of school uniforms

What are the application areas ?

Fabric Derivatives
Wood Surfaces
Artificial Leather
Faux Leather
Paper Derivatives
PVC and Plexiglass Surfaces